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There are lots of places online and in the real world to find out more about playing the harp.

Buy sheet music and harp accessories

  1. Melody’s Traditional Music & Harp Shoppe➚: My favorite place to buy sheet music. Great descriptions of pieces, with difficulty ranking and sample pages to view. For some books, there are even audio samples so you can hear the songs. Very extensive collection of sheet music, CDs, accessories, harps, and other folk instruments. Extremely responsive in shipping. Super nice people. I can’t say enough about them.

  2. The Harp Connection➚: If you can’t find it at Melody’s, try The Harp Connection.

  3. Sylvia Woods Harp Center➚: Sylvia Woods was instrumental in bringing the folk harp to popularity in the United States. Her Harp Center has a great selection of sheet music, harp-related gifts, and of course harps.

  4. Wrist warmers➚: Cold weather outside, or too much AC? Grab yourself a pair of beautiful wrist warmers, and never have cold fingers again.

Buy or rent a new or used harp

See my page on how to get a harp for information on renting and buying.

If all this sounds like great fun, you might be ready to contact me about taking a lesson. See answers to frequently asked questions.

On this site, I also have:

  1. a list of local harp events

  2. more details on how to get a harp

  3. links to more teachers in the north Jersey area and on Skype

  4. example harpers in all sorts of harp music genres

Harp communities, forums, discussion boards

Searching these sites can get you answers to your specific questions in a relatively quick fashion. Or you might find yourself hooked into the world of people writing fervently on a hobby/profession they love, and suddenly your whole afternoon is gone. Approach with caution, and remember to stretch...

  1. Harplist➚: A Yahoo! group that has been active since 1990. Search the archive for answers, or join up if you want a daily dose of harpers all over helping each other and being helped.

  2.➚: A social network on Ning for harpers. You do have to be a member to get access, so this is more for if you are looking for a community. The members are all very nice and supportive.

  3. Amateur Harpists forum from Harp Column➚: Discussion board for non-professional harpists. More focused on pedal harp than lever, but many questions and answers are applicable to both.

Harp events

See my page of harp conferences and other events in and around New Jersey.

Harp publications

If you still enjoy reading pieces of paper, consider these:

  1. The Folk Harp Journal➚: Full color, quarterly magazine that you can subscribe to or pick up at your local bookstore. Articles on different types of harps, help with practicing, harp history, plus classifieds and sheet music. Pretty awesome.

  2. The American Harp Journal➚: Comes twice a year with membership to the American Harp Society.

Learn more about the harp online

Harp care, the history of the harp, FAQs on any harp topic, learning tips, teaching tips, building can find it all online:

  1. My Harp’s Delight➚: Celtic harp blog, tips on playing/buying, links to free sheet music, learning resources, and more links.

  2. Harp Spectrum➚: Great articles on all sorts of harp-related topics.

  3. Resources from the American Harp Society➚: Learning tools, free sheet music downloads, and more links.

Who made my harps?

These are the harps that I teach on:

  1. The 38-string Eclipse➚ from Triplett Harps➚

  2. The 24x2-string Voyageur II➚ double-strung from Random Sound Musical Instruments➚

I have also played on pedal harps by Venus➚ and Lyon & Healy➚, although if I were in the market for one, I would seriously consider a Camac➚ because of their lighter weight.

There are gazillions of other people and places to get harps from. I’ve only listed those that I have experience with. Here is a list of almost 200 other luthiers and retailers➚.