What kind of music can you play on harp?


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Harp music does not have to be confined to classical or Celtic. Just about any music you can think of can be played on the harp. All but three of the musicians I’ve listed as examples are all people that I have heard and/or taken workshops with, mostly at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival➚. All links open in a new window (➚).

As with any list of examples, not everyone can be included. Explore the world of harp music online or at local harp events. Once you’re ready to take on any or all of these genres for your own playing, contact me.

Therese Honey➚, Nancy Hurrell➚ (both also Classical and Celtic), Constance Whiteside

Harper Tasche➚ (actually, Harper plays so much, I didn’t know how to classify him)

Sunita➚ (also Celtic)

Angi Bemiss➚ (also Therapeutic), Robbin Gordon-Cartier➚ (also Classical)

Kim Robertson➚ (also Celtic & Vocal)

Beth Kollé➚ (also Celtic & Vocal)

Some programs require that you play on a therapy harp (usually one that is small enough to be strapped to your front and carried around). Others, like the program I am in (MHTP➚) allow you to play on any type of harp.

Sylvia Woods➚ (also Celtic)

Ray Pool➚ (also Celtic & Classical)

Joanna Mell➚ (also Celtic, Classical, Liturgical, & Vocal)

Pamela Bruner➚ (also Celtic)